Who Are We?

       We, Josh and Jamie Elliott, have been married since 1995. Together we have raised four children. Our youngest graduated high school in 2015, and is currently away at college. So now is the ideal time for us to pursue our dream of opening a group home to care for the elderly and disabled.  We searched for quite some time to find a property that we feel could provide the perfect environment for our home.  We feel that we have found just that place in Clarkdale, AZ.  After some remodeling; (turning the garage into three private bedrooms and adding a handicapped bathroom, taking down walls and building walls elsewhere,  adding fire sprinklers throughout and security gates for the safety of our residents), we feel that we have created a beautiful place for your loved ones to call home.  

       I, Jamie Elliott, have been a Registered Nurse for the past 30 years. I have devoted my entire adult life to caring for others, and I very much enjoy it. I am looking forward to opening our group home and our hearts to our residents; providing them with good food, quality care and fond memories. My husband, Josh, has worked for TSA, a division of Homeland Security, for the past 14 years. Although he is completely changing his occupation, he has always been drawn to helping others. Now that he has become a Certified Caregiver, he is looking forward to his future with our residents; providing them with a warm, comfortable, safe place where they can get their needed care, but also happily call their home.